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Tecumseh SC #PlayAtHome Program - Week 2 Updates and Training Plan

By TSC, 03/30/20, 12:00PM EDT


Please see the video and text below for Tecumseh SC #PlayAtHome Program. #PlayAtHome Week 2 resources and documents available for download in the column to the left. Contact us with questions:

Tecumseh SC #PlayAtHome Program Week #2

We hope that you continue to stay safe and are able to find structure and a sense of normalcy to your day.  Find the downloadable PDFs of #PlayAtHome training plans to the left. Remember to check your Age Group Schedule to know the frequency and order to your exercises. We have included the original video and information below for those just beginning this week. Good luck and have fun!



We have launched the Tecumseh SC #PlayAtHome Training Plan as a supportive tool for our members during these uncertain times. Please watch the above video and access the downloadable resources to the right to get started! Please remember that we were very careful to chose the words #PlayAtHome because we want each and every player, parent, coach and the club as a whole to enjoy this process.

Throughout this week (Week 1) and each week to follow,  every TSC family will have access to the following:

  • Week 1 #PlayAtHome Training Plan and Schedule (downloadable PDF to the right - includes journal entry exercise)
  • Week 1 #PlayAtHome Club Skills Challenge (assigned by club and communicated by coaching staff)
  • Tecumseh SC "Team Session" via Video (Zoom, Google Hangouts) scheduled individual team coach
  • Small Group Project/Presentation (i.e tactical analysis, team building, ect) assigned by individual team coach

Please remember that our objectives of this program are to support the following (in order of priority). Therefore, if your time is limited, please start with physical activity, engage with the group and then begin soccer-specific activities.

  1. Physical and Mental Wellness
  2. Social Stimulation and Belonging
  3. Technical Growth and Development
  4. Tactical Curiosity and Understanding

We are grateful for our Tecumseh Soccer family during this time and empathize with the uncertainty of our current situation. We are hopeful that this #PlayAtHome program will maintain a sense of normalcy for and unite our players, parents, coaches and club as a whole.

We truly are #BetterTogether. Thank you.