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8 Great Return to Train Reminders

Tecumseh SC Family, 

Thank you for the collaborative effort from everyone (players, parents, volunteers, coaches, staff and board members who have made this possible).

Below is a RETURN TO TRAIN 2021 Reminder List of 8 GREAT STEPS to avoid delay at the field. 

1) Have a family discussion, communicate and confirm with your coach you are Ready to Return to Train! (Ask any questions you need to feel comfortable)

2) Complete SportsEngine Return to Play Registration and Waivers (You do not need to re-do if you completed in FALL 2020) (there is no payment processed at this link - however it is required for insurance and liability purposes):

3) Watch the Tecumseh SC Return to Play Education Webinar (required by Player and Parent before attending your first training session). Please see the video link in the column above and to the right. 

4) Review and confirm your Team Training Schedule (including check-in time, on-field time and training start & end times.

5) 24 Hours prior to Team Training/Game - Mark Attendance via PLAYMETRICS App to assist with Contact Tracing.

6) At least 60 Minutes before Team Training/Game - Complete the Tecumseh SC COVID-19 Health Screen via PLAYMETRICS (Required to be completed and successfully cleared each day the participant attends training). SEE YOUR PLAYMETRICS APP.

7) Prepare your PPE, Sanitizer, Soccer Equipment and Soccer Ball. Arrive at training fully dressed and ready (No Changing clothes/shoes inside the field). There will be assigned areas to place your equipment 

8) Arrive at the field early and on-time. Use the field parking lot specifically assigned to you and after parking, only approach the check-in area when safe to do so (social distancing and available room in the queue).

*** Parents, please note the end/pick-up times for training. It is essential that participants are able to exit the session in an orderly timely manner to abide by government guidelines. 

Please follow up with any questions. We look forward to seeing everyone out there!

Contact us with any Questions: